E. Lake Parker / W. North Combee Areawide Plan

Project Area

CombeeAWP_Location_Map The East Lake Parker/West North Combee areawide planning effort encompasses approximately 272 acres extending from Lake Parker Drive East to slightly west of Combee Road.  The area also extends north to Broadway Street and south to E. Main Street to just east of Fairway Avenue south of US 92.

Project Objective

The goal of developing an Areawide Plan is to draw attention to the needs of the community and provide a road map for public and private investment.

Anticipated outcomes of the Areawide Plan include:

  • Facilitation of construction of planned bike routes, pedestrian paths and increased public transportation with the goal of increasing the project area’s array of safe, reliable, and economical transportation choices, improving access to markets, promoting energy efficient housing locations in existing communities, reducing travel costs, and improving air quality through reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Redevelopment of the Catalyst Site and improvement of economic conditions in the area.
  • Enhancement of ongoing efforts to prevent pollution, reduce resource consumption and limit habitat destruction by directing development to areas with existing infrastructure, thereby conserving greenfields and potentially reducing or eliminating contaminants entering Lake Parker or other nearby water bodies through stormwater runoff.