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Jennifer Codo-Salisbury
Planning Director, CFRPC
863-534-7130 ext 178

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The Draft Vision Plan is now available for review!

Project description

The City of Fort Meade is working with the community to develop a Vision Plan for the Fort Meade Main Street area to provide a roadmap based on the community’s goals for the future of the City’s historic downtown.

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Fort Meade, incorporated in 1885, is the oldest city in Polk County. The City, with a population of approximately 5,696, is located in south central Polk County along the Peace River. The Fort Meade area is predominantly rural and is characterized by cattle grazing, citrus growing and phosphate mining. US Highway 17 and US Highway 98, which are major transportation arteries in Central Florida, traverse through the City.

The City has made significant efforts in recent years to develop plans for economic development. These efforts include the development of a Community Redevelopment Plan as well as the adoption of a Brownfields District. While these efforts are significant, there is no unified community vision for the City’s historic downtown area to provide a guide for future development and redevelopment. The Fort Meade Chamber of Commerce has an active and interested membership of stakeholders who have been struggling for years to bring more business and interest to the historic downtown area.


A completed Main Street Area Vision Plan based on stakeholder and community consensus will be developed. The Vision Plan will also include data and analysis consisting of an inventory of existing infrastructure conditions in the downtown area as well as results from a community survey and other forms of community input. The existing conditions inventory will allow the community to identify priorities for key infrastructure improvements that will promote economic development in the downtown area.