Serving DeSoto, Hardee, Highlands, Okeechobee and Polk Counties

waste_management2The CFRPC is the coordinator for the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) that is responsible for increasing hazardous materials safety and awareness. The LEPC accomplishes this by assisting in planning for chemical spill mitigation, supporting and providing training events, designing, conducing and evaluating emergency exercises and educating the public on how to react to a hazardous materials release.

The LEPC is made up of individuals from diverse occupations. Members represent the various groups of first responders (Law Enforcement, Fire, Emergency Medical Services) while others represent corporate partners such as Publix, Mosaic and Coca-Cola. The goal of the LEPC is twofold. First, to establish smooth working relationships so that when an agency responds to an incident, they have already worked with and trained alongside the other responders. Second, to educate the public and professional responders on how to react to incidents in an “all hazards” environment.

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August 16, 2018 at 9:30am

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