Serving DeSoto, Hardee, Highlands, Okeechobee and Polk Counties

    The 2010 Statewide Regional Evacuation Study
    for the Central Florida Region

    The Florida Division of Emergency Management, Division of Community Planning and Department of Transportation in coordination with the Central Florida Regional Planning Council have developed the Statewide Regional Evacuation Study for the Central Florida Region. This report updates the region’s evacuation population estimates, evacuation clearance times, and public shelter demand. The Study was officially released on December 1, 2010, and covers DeSoto, Hardee, Highlands, Okeechobee, and Polk Counties and their municipalities.

    Volume 1

    Volume 1 - Executive Summary

    Volume 1 - Introduction

    Volume 1 Chapter 1 - Regional Demographic and Land Use Analysis

    Volume 1 Chapter 2 - Hazards Analysis

    Volume 1 Chapter 3 - Behavioral Analysis

    Volume 1 Chapter 4 - Vulnerability and Population Analysis

    Volume 1 Chapter 5 - Shelter Analysis

    Volume 1 Chapter 6 - Evacuation Transportation Analysis

    Volume 1 - Glossary

    Volume 2

    Volume 2 - Regional Behavioral Analysis

    Volume 3

    Volume 3 - Regional Behavioral Survey Report

    Volume 4

    Volume 4 - Transportation Analysis

    Volume 5

    Volume 5 - Transportation Supplementatal Data Report

    Volume 6

    The Emergency Management Tool Kit includes locally-selected data pertinent to the county emergency management agency. It is meant to be used as a quick reference guide for operations. The Toolkit is For Official Use Only and is not available on this website for public download.

    Volume 7

    Volume 7 Book 1 - DeSoto Storm Tide Atlas

    Volume 7 Book 2 - Highlands and Okeechobee Storm Tide Atlas