Serving DeSoto, Hardee, Highlands, Okeechobee and Polk Counties

The Central Florida Regional Planning Council’s (CFRPC) primary mission is to provide support to the citizens and counties of our region and to seek ways to improve the quality of life of the citizens of the Heartland.

What's New

  • Q & A – Request for Sealed Bids: Awareness Video

    Q & A – Request for Sealed Bids: Awareness Video

    Question:  How many interviews and what locations? Response:  Up to 10 interviews will be conducted.  The locations will include the Avon Park Air Force Range, and offices in Highlands, Polk, Okeechobee and Osceola Counties. As …...Read more
  • Q & A – Request for Proposals: Transit Development Plan

    Q & A – Request for Proposals: Transit Development Plan

    Does the HRTPO have a preference on the usage of covers, tabs/dividers, type of binding, margins, font, and font size with regards to this submittal? Response: No preference If covers and tabs are used, would …...Read more
  • Request for Sealed Bids: Awareness Video

    Request for Sealed Bids: Awareness Video

    The Central Florida Regional Planning Council is requesting sealed bids from qualified bidders with experience in developing an awareness (i.e., public relations) video for public information. The Council supports diversity in its employees and contractors …...Read more

Programs & Projects

HRTPO_Facebook_LogoHeartland Regional Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO)

The HRTPO coordinates transportation plans for the Heartland region. Please visit the HRTPO Website for additional information.

South Florida Avenue PlanS-Florida-Ave-Logo-for-web

FDOT is studying and developing ways to improve mobility, safety, quality of life, and economic vitality along the South Florida Avenue (SR 37) corridor between Ariana Street and Pine Street in Lakeland.  Please visit the South Florida Avenue Plan Website for additional information.

Dundee Downtown Visioning

The Town of Dundee is currently undergoing a downtown strategic visioning and planning process for the Downtown Area of Dundee to provide a unified direction in promoting economic development and achieving the community’s goals for the Town’s future. Please visit the Dundee Downtown Visioning Website for additional information.

Combee-AWP-LogoE Lake Parker/W North Combee Areawide Planning

A Brownfields Areawide Planning Grant was awarded for the East Lake Parker-West North Combee area to develop an Areawide Plan and implementation strategies. Please visit the Combee Areawide Planning Website for additional information.

Polk-County-logoPolk County Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS)

The required 5-year review and update of the Polk County Multi-Jurisdictional Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) is underway. Please visit the Polk County LMS Website for additional information.

Highlands County Parks & Recreation

The County-wide Open Space Parks and Recreation Master Plan will be a detailed planning guide that is specifically focused on the future of parks and recreation in Highlands County. Read more on our Highlands County Parks & Recreation Website.

DRI Lakeside Village, FloridaDRIs

A development of regional impact (DRI) is a large-scale development which affects more than one county; sometimes many jurisdictions… Learn more

Heartland2060 logo - transparentHeartland 2060

Heartland 2060 is about a region working together so that we and future generations may have the opportunity to live our values in a world that is constantly changing. Read more on the Heartland 2060 Website.

APAFR_JLUS_MapAvon Park Air Force Range JLUS

Currently, with support from the Department of Defense/Office of Economic Adjustment and from Enterprise Florida, Inc., CFRPC is responsible for leadership, coordination, and management of implementation activities regarding the Joint Land Use Study. Visit the JLUS Website

DART BusHeartland Rural Mobility Plan

The HRMP is designed to be a comprehensive multi-jurisdictional planning effort that identifies goals and objectives to serve as the guide for the development and evaluation of mobility options for the region… Read more