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What Regional Planning Councils Do

Florida Laws Referencing Regional Planning Councils

Florida’s regional planning councils are referenced in a number of state and federal laws.  This list summarizes legal references to the Council.  Following the list are copies of specific agreements, statutes and rules applying to the Central Florida Regional Planning Council.


The Central Florida Regional Planning Council was established in 1973 under chapter 160 and by interlocal agreement.  The Council elected to comply with Chapter 163 in 1985.


The legislation which provides for the duties of Regional Planning Councils.

  • CHAPTER 163.3167 (4), (7) and CHAPTER 163.3184 (2), (8)b, F.S.  Regional Planning Councils review local government comprehensive plans for consistency with the state   plan and strategic regional policy plans.
  • CHAPTER 163.3177 (d) Provides for coordination of all development activities and services among local, state, regional and federal agencies.
  • CHAPTER 163.3204, F.S.  Provides that all state and regional agencies cooperate with units of local government in the preparation of local government comprehensive   plans.


The legislation which provides for the duties of Regional Planning Councils.

  • CHAPTER 186.502 (3), F.S.  Provides that Regional Planning Councils must address problems and plan solutions for issues and matter of greater than local concern or   scope.
  • CHAPTER 186.502, F.S.  Regional Planning Councils plan for and coordinate intergovernmental solutions to growth-related problems on greater than local issues   and provide technical assistance, but shall not act as a permitting or regulatory entity.
  • CHAPTER 186.502, (2), (3) and CHAPTER 186.007 (7), F.S.  Regional Planning Councils provide input to state policy development and in continuous review for updating the   state plan and state agency functional plans.
  • CHAPTER 186.503, F.S.  Defines “cross acceptance” as it relates to a determination of consistency with the strategic regional policy plan.
  • CHAPTER 183.504, F.S.  Expanded membership to include ex officio nonvoting members from Florida Department of Transportation, Department of Environmental Protection,   Enterprise Florida and Southwest Florida Water Management District.  The Governor   may also appoint ex-officio nonvoting members from MPOs and regional water supply authorities.
  • CHAPTER 186.505, F.S. AND S. 252.34 (3) Revised powers to include: „
    • Perform coordination among other regional entities; ƒ
    • Establish and conduct cross-acceptance negotiation; ƒ
    • Coordinate land development and transportation policies that foster a region-wide transportation system; and
    • Review plans of independent transportation authorities and MPOs to identify inconsistencies with local government plans.
  • CHAPTER 186.507, F.S.  Regional Planning Councils must adopt a strategic regional   „ policy plan that must address the following:
    • Affordable Housing
    • Economic Development
    • Emergency Preparedness
    • Natural Resources or regional significance
    • Regional transportation
  • CHAPTER 186.508, F.S.  Provides guidelines for adoption of strategic regional policy plans and compliance with the state plan.
  • CHAPTER 186.509, F.S.  Regional Planning Councils shall establish by rule, a dispute resolution process.
  • CHAPTER 186.511, F.S.  Provides the process for Regional Planning Councils to evaluate the strategic regional policy plan.
  • CHAPTER 186.513, F.S.  Regional Planning Councils provide an annual report to the Department of Community Affairs.
  • CHAPTER 186.515, F.S.  Recognizes the duties of Regional Planning Councils as established under CHAPTER 163, F.S.

CHAPTER 380, M  F.S.

Regional Planning Councils provide review and comment on applications for development approval and development orders for development of regional impact and Florida Quality Development proposals.

  • CHAPTER 380.065, F.S.  Provides that Regional Planning Councils will review development orders issued by local governments certified pursuant to Chapter 380.065
  • CHAPTER 380.05, F.S.  Regional Planning Councils conduct review and make recommendations on Areas of Critical State Concern.
  • CHAPTER 380.21, F.S., Florida Coastal Zone Management Plan Regional Planning Councils carry out review and coordination functions for coastal zone management.

CHAPTER 339.155 (3) and CHAPTER 163.805 (6), F.S.

Regional Planning Councils develop transportation policy under the Transportation Planning Act and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Act.


Provides for Regional Planning Councils to have input into Florida high speed rail plans.

CHAPTER 373.0395, F.S.

Regional Planning Councils review ground water basin availability inventories.


Regional Planning Councils assist in state review of Outer Continental Shelf proposals.


Regional Planning Councils complete the Regional Hazardous Waste Needs Assessment as designated in the Water Quality Assurance Act and Hazardous Waste Facilities Permit Variance Review.

  • CHAPTER 403.705, F.S.  Provides that Regional Planning Councils participate in the development of solid waste management programs and hazardous waste.„

Other References

Governor’s Executive Order 83-150 and Presidential executive Order 12372

  • Provides that Regional Planning Councils review application for federal and state grants and act as the regional clearinghouse for Federal Administrative District VIII to review and provide regional comment on permit application under consideration of   FDER and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.

Florida Administrative Code, 22E-2

  • Regional Planning Councils provide review and serve as a depository for 10 year power plant siting plans.

Clean Water Act, S.208, Public Law 92-500 and Title 40

  • Regional Planning Councils participate in the completion and update of Area-wide Water Quality Management Plans, ensure public participation and serve as a depository of information on the substate planning agencies.

Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act

  • Regional Planning Councils provide coordination and staff for district-wide Local Emergency Planning Committees and serve as the public repository for hazardous materials inventories under the SARA Title III Community Right-to-Know provision.

Federal Home Loan Disclosure

  • Regional Planning Councils serve as a depository for federal home loan disclosure forms.

U.S. Bureau of the Census

  • Provides that Regional Planning Councils may serve as Census Data Affiliates for the provision of U.S. Census data.

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