Serving DeSoto, Hardee, Highlands, Okeechobee and Polk Counties

CFRPC Staff provides assistance to various agencies throughout the state for the conduct of training exercises in order to allow first responders and other emergency management personnel to practice their skills.  These exercises were conducted in full compliance with the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) and included Full Scale, Table Top, Drills and Functional Exercises.

Emergency ResponseDuring 2012 CFRPC planned, conducted and documented a total of 15 exercises.  Our exercises varied in complexity from a table top involving fifteen players to a full scale exercise that involved in excess of one hundred players.  Each exercise was designed based upon the needs and desires of the county Emergency Management Director.  Two of our exercises included “no-notice” activation of Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) and we were able to exercise an EOC support team where the leadership from the county involved in the exercise was replaced by a leadership team from several counties.  Each exercise was evaluated by personnel from outside the county that was involved and a formal After Action Report (AAR) was provided.

Past Projects

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