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The Central Florida Regional Planning Council (CFRPC) is working closely with the Avon Park Air Force Range to carry out the recommendations of a Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) conducted by the CFRPC in cooperation with the Range and the surrounding jurisdictions of HighlandsOkeechobeeOsceola, and Polk Counties, and the Cities of Avon ParkFrostproof, and Sebring. The JLUS studied the planned land uses in the areas that surround the Range, and the military training needs of the armed forces and to determine their compatibility.  The study was designed to protect public health, safety and welfare while safeguarding the ability of the military services and homeland security agencies to provide needed training on the Range.

Military operations can be loud and can present safety concerns for civilian communities. Conversely, urban development near the perimeter of military ranges can impact the viability of the installation and its mission.  Development can be affected by low level flight patterns in military operating areas and required clear zones for airport runway approaches.

Currently, with support from the Department of Defense/Office of Economic Adjustment and from Enterprise Florida, Inc., CFRPC is responsible for leadership, coordination, and management of implementation activities including coordination with the jurisdictions on land use changes, voluntary acquisition of conservation or development rights on sensitive areas, real estate disclosures and coordination and communication with local governments and state agencies. CFRPC also provides public information and identifies opportunities for effective coordination between the Range, affected local government, and stakeholders. A Policy Committee of public officials and state agency representatives has been established to guide the process and make recommendations for coordination between APAFR and local governments. The CFRPC team coordinates the land use planning activities with a working group of planners and agencies from local jurisdictions and the APAFR.

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